Sam Borthwick

Branch Manager    NMLS# 1067178

Serving Mt Vernon, WA
Branch Location

Mt. Vernon, Washington

770 South Burlington Blvd..
Burlington, WA 98233

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Sam Borthwick

Sam Borthwick is a local mortgage expert from Washington who has helped thousands of families across the state realize their dreams of home ownership.

“My background was in finance, but I always wanted to take more of an educational role. When I got into the Mortgage Industry I realized there was a huge void in the educational side of the home buying process. Each one of my consults focuses on educating you on your options so you KNOW you have made the right decision. Over the years I have been blessed to be able to create custom game plans for my clients from paying off their homes in under 10 years to planning for retirement, or creating wealth through passive income from rental properties. Choosing a mortgage is the single biggest lever you can pull so important to pull the right one.”

In the fall 2017 He opened his first branch with Integrity Mortgage Group and built a team around the single purpose of educating buyers, sellers and investors on the best way to accomplish their goals. His team quickly became one of the highest recommended mortgage lenders in the area by focusing on the single most important part of this industry…YOU!

“Mortgages may be what we do but Integrity is who we are”


Home Buyer Resources

Get Qualified

Getting qualified before your home search is beneficial for several reasons. First, this will inform you of your maximum affordable home value, and save you from previewing properties outside your price range. Also, when you approach a realtor about working together to find a home, you will be recognized as a more serious buyer who has done their financing homework. This will save both you and your realtor time and effort in your home search. Having been qualified in advance by your lender will also allow you to make the strongest offer possible on the property your choose. Additionally, being qualified means you are well on your way in the loan approval process and will save you time in the long run.

Calculate Payments

Find out how much house you can afford before you start looking. Use the calculator on our website to get an approximate house payment for a purchase price you choose. Note, this is a ballpark figure and shouldn’t be counted on as an exact amount. For your best estimate, contact your loan officer who is well qualified to look at your individual information and give you a range of what you could expect to pay for your monthly mortgage payment. This will always depend on your personal credit, finances, amount of down payment among other factors.

Explore Lending Options

We at IMG have many different lending options for today’s borrowers. Whether it’s a mortgage for a first home, a second home or an investment property, we have options to choose from. We even have options for refinancing. Refinancing to shorten the length of a current mortgage loan, possibly lower the interest rate or pay off higher interest debt are all options that we offer.